Recommendations on tackling sex abuse at religious, community groups must be implemented

Posted By Frank McGuire November 18, 2014.

The Sydney Morning Herald
November 14, 2014 by Frank McGuire


Middle-aged men wept with joy. Women silenced by unspeakable crimes since they were girls raised three cheers for the Victorian Parliament a year ago, when I told survivors of child sexual abuse that bipartisan support had been secured to implement all recommendations from the landmark report, Betrayal of Trust.

Findings of the parliamentary inquiry revealed a cover-up that kill

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Unemployment in Broadmeadows hits 26.4%

Posted By Frank McGuire November 17, 2014.

Unemployment in Broadmeadows has hit 26.4% according to the most recent figures released by The Australian Government Department of Employment in their Small Area Labour Market publication. These figures put unemployment worse than Spain and equivalent to Greece.

This comes in the wake of the imminent closure of the Broadmeadows Ford factory, a budget from the Abbott Coalition Government which hits Broadmeadows families the hardest and the Napthi

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Local Jobs for Local People

Posted By Frank McGuire November 10, 2014.


“Local Jobs for Local People” was the theme of the official launch of the Melbourne Airport’s Joblink portal.

Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire originally called for this policy initiative with Melbourne Airport and Hume City Council

“I’m delighted that we have created better opportunities for local people and particularly the youth of area given that unemployment in Broadmeadows is now officially at 26.4%, which is worse than Spain

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Broady’s tough but it needs proper backing.

Posted By Frank McGuire November 10, 2014.

Herald Sun

10 November 2014, by Frank McGuire


UNEMPLOYMENT in Broadmeadows is 26.4 per cent, higher than Spain and equal to Greece countries suffering the worst jobless rates among developed nations.

The Employment Department’s disclosure is a social disaster.

Worse, it does not reveal youth unemployment or how many 16 to 24 year-olds are disengaged, neither working nor learning, which will be perilously high.

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Labor’s $1 Billion Back To Work Plan to Deliver 100,000 Jobs

Posted By Frank McGuire October 23, 2014.

Labor brought its $1 billion dollar Back to Work policy to Broadmeadows with a plan to create 100,000 jobs for Victoria. Opposition leader Dan Andrews and Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire toured Ford’s Broadmeadows Plant and received a briefing from the companies CEO Bob Graziano and other top executives. “Labor’s Back to work plan provides a lifeline for locals that the Coalition State and Federal Governments have left behind, particularly 

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