Huge steps on Boulevard of Big Dreams

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Frank McGuire – Herald Sun
21 July 2016

AMID calls for national unity after hate-motivated murders in America, the insane terrorist strike against French liberty, equality, fraternity and a failed coup in Turkey, the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, came to Melbourne on a mission.

The quest to cure cancer.

Declaring his admiration for the jewel in Australia’s medical research crown, the $1 billion Victorian Comprehensive C

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There must be a plan to back Broadmeadows

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Frank McGuire – Herald Sun
7 October 2016

MANY workers describe the end of a way of life marked by the closure of Australia’s once proud car industry as being like a death in the family.

Loss of livelihoods and identity are felt deeply among families and communities whose muscle, sweat and manufacturing nous have underwritten prosperity for generations.

Broadmeadows is hardest hit and most vulnerable when the Ford Motor Company’s iconic

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Postcodes of hope need unity ticket

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Frank McGuire – Herald Sun
Frank McGuire at St Dominic’s School in Broadmeadows with student Joseph.

17 January 2017

IT’S time for a unity ticket addressing the threat of terrorism, crime and welfare dependency while delivering jobs and growth where they are needed most

Put simply, it’s time to turn postcodes of disadvantage into Postcodes of Hope.

More than a month has passed since I outlined these concerns, proposed remedies and ide

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Let’s stand with the US in the fight on cancer

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January 21, 2016 9:00pm
Frank McGuire, Herald Sun

‘President Obama’s pitch to cure cancer rekindles the audacity of hope.’


AUSTRALIA should offer to partner America in the quest to cure cancer. Harking back to president John F. Kennedy’s Cold War aspiration for the US to land the first man on the moon, President Barack Obama has committed to a new kind of moonshot — making America the country to cure cancer.

“Sixty years ago,

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President Obama commits US to cure cancer, making medical research a critical pledge in his final State of the Union address.

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