Frankly Speaking – MP’s plan to save the north

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01 Mar 2017
Herald Sun, Melbourne
Author: Olga Galacho
Section: Commercial Property

BROADMEADOWS MP Frank McGuire has renewed demands for a halt to the “managed decline” of industrial areas in his electorate through repurposing funds earmarked for the car industry.

Mr McGuire told Commercial Property his 10-point plan to revitalise the suburb 16km north of the CBD had so far been met with silence from the Federal Government.

Dubbed “Crea

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Huge steps on Boulevard of Big Dreams

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Frank McGuire – Herald Sun
21 July 2016

AMID calls for national unity after hate-motivated murders in America, the insane terrorist strike against French liberty, equality, fraternity and a failed coup in Turkey, the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, came to Melbourne on a mission.

The quest to cure cancer.

Declaring his admiration for the jewel in Australia’s medical research crown, the $1 billion Victorian Comprehensive C

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Broadmeadows immigration detention centre upgrade criticised

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2 February 2017

A $29.06 MILLION proposal to accommodate “high risk” detainees at the Broadmeadows immigration detention centre has been met with anger.

Last month, Hume Leader revealed that a parliamentary standing committee was conducting an inquiry into Federal Government plans to expand the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) on Camp Rd.

As part of the redevelopment, 140 new beds would be installed in a high-security compou

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Kangan Institute delivers help for job seekers at Broadmeadows Central shopping centre

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Alesha Capone, Hume Leader
2 December 2016
A NEW kiosk which offers help to people seeking employment and education has been launched at the Broadmeadows Central shopping centre.

Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire officially opened the Kangan Institutes’ Skills and Jobs stall today (Friday).

The booth will provide assistance to anyone looking for tertiary education, apprenticeship training or job options.

Trained staff will offer personalised advice

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There must be a plan to back Broadmeadows

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Frank McGuire – Herald Sun
7 October 2016

MANY workers describe the end of a way of life marked by the closure of Australia’s once proud car industry as being like a death in the family.

Loss of livelihoods and identity are felt deeply among families and communities whose muscle, sweat and manufacturing nous have underwritten prosperity for generations.

Broadmeadows is hardest hit and most vulnerable when the Ford Motor Company’s iconic

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