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Major breakthroughs are expected to be announced soon for the redevelopment of Broadmeadows. Multi-million dollar initiatives are now coming to a conclusion after long campaigns that will set Broadmeadows up for economic development, revitalisation and jobs.

“A deal is imminent to pave the way for the redevelopment of the town centre and provide the opportunity for hundreds of car parks at the Broadmeadows railway station,” chair of the Broadmeadows Revitalisation Board, Mr Frank McGuire, said today.

“This is part of the big picture strategy I have been pursuing long and hard to bring new industries and jobs to Broadmeadows. It has helped trigger hundreds of millions of dollars being reinvested in the Ford site and a commitment from the Australian Government to a City Deal for Melbourne’s North and West.

“The impasse soon to be resolved is between VicRoads and Hume City Council on a crucial blockage to revitalisation – the loop road at Camp Road. Freeing up this land is important for economic development, unlocking the value of the town centre and delivering the opportunity council wants to provide hundreds of car parks in the heart of the Broadmeadows precinct. Removal of the Camp Road loop road will free up large areas of land in the heart of Broadmeadows vital to create new opportunities.”

“I have been informed that the parties are close to ending five years of dispute and announcing a deal,” Mr McGuire said. Redevelopment of the Ford site is also critical to delivering new industries, businesses and jobs. I am delighted that the company proposing to spend $500 million on stage 1 of the redevelopment of Ford’s sites in Broadmeadows and Geelong was inspired to invest after attending the conference I organised in the Hume Global Learning Centre in Broadmeadows last year with the Business Council of Australia.

Business Council chief executive, Jennifer Westacott, said: “Leadership, particularly from Broadmeadows MP, Frank McGuire and the federal government, has helped secure the new investment and planning the region needs to thrive.”

“I thank the business community for its support and will continue my strategy of collaboration between the three tiers of government, business and civil society to deliver results,” Mr McGuire said.

Mr McGuire said he was delighted with the multi-million dollar funding the Victorian Government is investing in the remodeled Glenroy Railway Station, which he has been campaigning for years to deliver. “This is also important for the redevelopment of Melbourne’s North and the Broadmeadows electorate.”

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