Local Kids Set To Benefit From Three-Year-Old Kinder:

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Every Victorian child born under a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will start kindergarten a year earlier, including kids in the Broadmeadows area.

Labor will invest almost $5 billion over the next decade to deliver a full 15 hours of three-year-old kinder, helping make sure local kids are ready for school and set for life.

This will be the largest social, economic and educational reform ever undertaken in early childhood learning in Victoria’s history.

Labor’s commitment is also good news for local families struggling with the cost of living.

Right now, many families are forced to scrimp and save to cover the costs of three-year-old kinder – around $5000 a year for 15 hours – while the vast majority see their kids miss out.

Recent research conducted by community service provider Uniting shows that nearly one in five families do not have their children enrolled in early learning because of the cost.

But under Labor’s plan, around a quarter of Victorian families will pay nothing at all.

For families with a higher income, the Labor Government will cover 65 per cent of their child’s kindergarten costs, consistent with the current subsidy for four-year-old kinder.

This represents a saving of at least $3500 for families whose children attend a standalone kinder.

Mr McGuire said that all the evidence shows that early education can shape a child’s entire future.

“It’s why this extra year of kinder – and all the learning and play that comes with it – will make the world of difference to local children and local families,” Mr McGuire said.

Those with kids who go to long-day-care will also benefit, with these centres given funding to employ teachers in their three-year-old rooms. Centres that make cost savings due to our investment will be required to pass any savings on to families.

Under Labor’s plan, every Victorian child will have access to at least five hours of subsidised three-year-old kinder by 2022, progressively scaled up to 15 hours per week over the next decade.

A re-elected Labor Government will work closely with the early childhood sector, including local councils, to deliver this reform.

 “As this investment goes to show, only Labor will invest in the future of the Broadmeadows community – and the future of our kids.”

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