Local Sports Clubs In Broadmeadows Electorate Score A VicHealth Grant:

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Haig Fawkner Criket Club

Sporting clubs in the electorate of Broadmeadows will receive a share in more than $485,000 in funding as part of the latest round of health promotion foundation VicHealth’s Active Club Grants; an initiative encouraging more Victorians to get physically active.  Building on the momentum generated by VicHealth’s successful This Girl Can – Victoria campaign, the new funding will help local sport clubs across Victoria deliver more opportunities for women and girls to get active.

The grants will also provide more social, flexible and accessible sport programs as well as more opportunities for people from disadvantaged communities to take part in sport.

Frank McGuire, State MP for Broadmeadows, said the local grants will make a significant difference to the clubs in the Broadmeadows electorate and help more local residents get involved in community sport.

“Being part of a local sports club is a fantastic way for locals in the Broadmeadows area to feel connected to their community and embrace a healthy lifestyle,” Mr McGuire said.

“With these Active Club Grants, local sport clubs will be able to deliver a wider range of opportunities for everyone to get active no matter their age, gender or ability.  “Regular physical activity is a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing as it protects against many illnesses and helps us to be mentally healthy by connecting us to others in our community.”

“I welcome this new funding to support our hardworking grassroots sporting clubs that are making it easier for people to be active.”

VicHealth CEO, Jerril Rechter, said the grants will help more residents in the Broadmeadows electorate to make physical activity part of their day-to-day life.

“Our Active Club Grants will mean more opportunities for Broadmeadows electorate locals to get moving in a fun, inclusive and social environment,” Ms Rechter said.  “We continue to see a growth in the number of women and girls playing sport, so it’s fantastic to see local clubs responding to this demand by delivering more opportunities for women and girls and less active Victorians to give sport a go.  We’re proud more Broadmeadows electorate residents will be able to get involved in the sports they’re passionate about while connecting with their local community.”

Local clubs funded in the Broadmeadows electorate include:

Organisation Name Grant Amount Project Summary Summary of funded items to deliver project
Broadmeadows Netball Association $1,825 Introducing a fun and inclusive beginners’ netball division for women with limited previous netball experience Equipment, uniforms, promotion
Fawkner Bowling Cub Incorporated $2,968 Providing more opportunities for local Muslim women, mums and retired women to try lawn bowls Equipment, uniforms, promotion
Fawkner Junior Soccer Club $5,000 Introducing two more female teams and will set up a pathway for junior girls to continue at the club Equipment
Haig Fawkner Cricket Club $2,988 Introducing new junior female cricket teams for 9-15 year old girls Equipment, uniforms, promotion

For more information about VicHealth’s Active Clubs Grants including a full list of funded clubs, go to www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/activeclub.

Broadmeadows Netball Association

Fawkner Bowling Club

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