Sweet Jobs for Broadmeadows:

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Monday, 7 May 2018

About 50 new jobs will soon be available in Broadmeadows. The world’s highest selling food manufacturer, Nestle will expand its production range at its plant in Campbellfield, which has operated for more than half a century.

A new medicated lozenge product line will produce Quick-Eze, Butter Menthol and Soothers within months adding to confectionary lines including, Smarties, KitKats and Violet Crumbles.

Permanent production operator positions will be available and I will inform the Minister for Industry and Employment to alert ex auto workers, especially from the nearby Ford Motor Company, to these opportunities.

This will be done in my role not only as the MP for Broadmeadows but also chair of the Broadmeadows Revitalisation Board. Nestlé already employs more than 350 people at its factory in Campbellfield.

This is a significant business decision for Nestle and has come at the cost of jobs in Blacktown.

Nestle’s factory manager in Campbellfield, Mr. Stephen Elsworth, emphasised the decision to relocate was not a reflection of the hard work of the Blacktown team but  a business decision made to improve our efficiency in an industry with strong global and local competitors.

While the dates are not confirmed, at this stage we anticipate that production will stop at Blacktown in August then the equipment will be moved to Campbellfield ready to start operating in the final quarter of this year.

“Here at Campbellfield, there will be approximately 50 new permanent production operator positions and a small number of other roles that will be created. People from Blacktown will have the first option to transfer to one of these positions if they wish,” Mr Elsworth said.

“Unfortunately, this decision will have an impact on everyone at Blacktown, as the closure of the site means that all positions will be made redundant. While in some instances people may take up other roles within Nestlé, we expect most will leave Nestlé,” Mr Elsworth said. “I can assure you that all eligible staff leaving Nestlé will receive a generous redundancy package and support program, including access to outplacement services. We are also notifying the AMWU of our decision and we will consult with them on the next steps.”

Mr. McGuire said he has also discussed with Nestle how it might playing a role in the future with the development of the large number of small to medium sized food manufacturing companies throughout Melbourne’s North to help increase local jobs for local people.

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