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Hume/Moreland Leader | By Kate Swan

16th March 2011

No word on cash after Lib changeover A Dallas special school in desperate need of a rebuild is still waiting for a visit from the new State Government.

Hume Valley School was left in limbo after the Labor party, which promised a $9 million renovation, lost power late last year. Meanwhile, seven-year-old plans for specialist classrooms, offices and bathrooms are gathering dust and the school community’s anxiety is building.

After the state election the government said the school should approach new Education Minister Martin Dixon for the funding. More than three months later the school has received no commitment to visit the school or a meeting to discuss funding. Hume Valley is the only school in the Broadmeadows Schools Regeneration Project that has not been funded, despite Labor spending more than $60 million on other schools in the project. School council president Wendy Vistarini said the State Government’s silence was worrying because the renovations were long overdue.

“Our kids are disadvantaged in many ways and the community feels they are being disadvantaged further by not being included in the project,” Ms Vistarini said. Principal Diane Bassett said the rebuild was desperately needed. “Our students also deserve first-class educational facilities and opportunities just like all the other Broadmeadows students,” Ms Bassett said.

New Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire said he would take up the school’s cause in Parliament next week. He said the Broadmeadows Schools Regeneration Project would be one of Labor’s defining legacies but the Liberal party should finish the job.

“This is the vital next step to completing the job of the schools regeneration project, which has been a light on the hill for the Broadmeadows community,” Mr McGuire said.

State Government spokesman James Martin said Mr Dixon’s office would contact the school shortly to arrange a meeting.

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